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Maintenance & Repair

& New Construction

Local Service

  • Modernizations
  • Maintenance
  • AEDARSA Repairs
  • LULA Lifts
  • Residential Elevators
  • Category 1, 3, 5 Testing
  • New Construction
  • Lost Item Retrieval
  • Fire Alarm Access
  • Accessibility Lift Services


ICON Elevator Inc. is a LOCAL elevator company that performs elevator services in Edmonton and Rural Alberta. With over 10 years of elevator service experience in Edmonton, we have identified a need for a different kind of elevator company. Unlike our competitors ICON Elevator believes that our clients needs come before our Shareholder needs… not the other way around. This means that we work openly and honestly with our clients to offer the elevator service they deserve at a price that makes sense. 


ICON Elevator Inc. offers many elevator services in Edmonton and Rural Alberta. Our primary focus is maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and accessibility lift services. By limiting the variety of elevator services provided , our company can increase efficiency, customer service and value to our clients. For more information about our iconic services, contact us! IT'S FREE! 


ICON Elevator Inc. is a dynamic and fluent elevator service company due to our size. Often overlooked, it is becoming increasingly important to have timely communication and repairs to keep up with our fast paced world. Our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that when they have elevator problems ICON Elevator can provide solutions quickly and responsively. 


ICON Elevator Inc. is a LOCAL elevator company in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We provide elevator services in the Edmonton area and around Northern Rural Alberta. We understand the difficulties of finding an elevator service company that will provide rural elevator owners with reasonable travel and repair rates. If this is your experience, please contact us and we will provide you with the elevator service you require. 


ICON Elevator Inc. believes in a client-first approach. Our daily actions are not determined by what is best for the shareholders, instead, we look at what is best for the client and their end-users. Being locally owned and operating further differentiates us from the competition in the business and therefore in our stockholders... YOU!

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ICON Elevator Inc.
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