Has your elevator been "out of service" for too long while your maintainence can't find parts? Maybe you had a large quote presented to you from your maintenace provider for something not covered by your contract or a quote for an "obsolete" component ?  We specialize in elevator and escalator repairs and would be happy to work with you to provide you with options and ultimately, increased value.  Some examples of common elevator and escalator repairs generally not covered under your contract include but are not limited to:

-Hoist ropes and governor ropes. 
-Hydraulic cylinder replacement.
-Hydraulic pumps and valves.
-Escalator handrail replacement.
-Annual inspection directives.
-Generator repairs and replacement.
-Motor repairs and replacement.

Due to our dynamic business structure we are able to offer more responsive and efficient solutions to ensure you have minimal downtime while weathering the storm of your elevator being out of service.  Do not hesistate to call us to learn how we can out perform the competition and provide you with the service you deserve.