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At ICON Elevator Inc. we strive to be the best value provider for elevator services in the greater Edmonton area.  We have avoided the business approach of "Being everything to everyone".  This has allowed us to increase our efficency by providing mostly inspections, repairs and upgrades.  To ensure ICON Elevator Inc. remains Edmonton's high value provider we are structured as an employee owned and operated company. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that when interacting with ICON Elevator Inc. you will be provided with the attention and service that you derserve!


At the core of all great business models is the realization that  socioeconomic responsibilities are of utmost importance.  At ICON Elevator Inc. we embrace this theory and believe that if decisions are made from a 360* viewpoint, that ultimately everyone wins.  As a client of ICON elevator Inc. this means that throughout our business relationship, efficiency in all of its forms, will be considered.  This translates into reduced downtime, material waste, and manhours used,  allowing us to pass the savings onto you .  All while enabling you to sleep with a clear concscience knowing ICON Elevator Inc. is doing the right thing!


ICON Elevator Inc. is a local business that is employee owned and operated.  Although we are incorporated like the competition, we believe in a client first approach.  Our daily actions are not determined by what is best for the shareholders, instead we look at what is best for the client and their end users.  Being locally owned and operated further differentiates us from the competition by ensuring all employees possess stake in the business and therfore in our stakeholders... YOU!

Our Owners

Marshall Lynch, ICON Elevator Inc owner, Elevator mechanic, edmonton elevator service, edmonton area
Marshall Lynch, an Owner/Operator of ICON Elevator Inc, is an IUEC member, an Alberta licensed elevator journeyman, and has over 10 years of elevator industry experience. Recently, Marshall graduated with Honors, from NAIT, with a Business Management Diploma.  With a mixture of field and office experience, Marshall possesses the knowledge and skills to assist clients with real world solutions that meet their specific needs and budget.